#30DaysofGrace Day 28 Grace is Everything

Today I am thankful His grace is everything.



Today is thanksgiving day, 2013. I purposely waited until this evening to write hoping to have some profound revelation about grace and how it relates to Thanksgiving. My ultimate conclusion is that grace is everything.


Millions of Americans sat down today to an overabundance of food, in a warm house, with people they only see a few times a year. Millions of Americans sat down and gave glory to God for His provision. Millions of Americans engaged with God today that didn’t yesterday and that won’t tomorrow. But for today, they recognized Him for everything. In His grace, He made himself present today and he was glorified amongst crazy aunts, drunk brothers, and nutso cousins.


Without His grace, there is no fried turkey, no sweet potatoes, no wine, no families laughing, no children snuggling grandmas. No warm bed, no roof over our head. No life in the Eternal with Him. Nothing holding us and fighting for us.  Without His grace we have nothing.


I read this article today and it brought tears to my eyes, Grateful without God- A Secular Thanksgiving. Really?? I am so broken hearted for people hurt by ‘religion’. But sadly ‘christians’ who don’t realize everything from God and that His grace is everything, mess it up for the masses.


Happy Thanksgiving yall. Kiss your babies and tell your loved ones you are thankful for them.


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